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2. Introduction to Installation Art

2. Introduction to Installation Art

A wide variety of work falls under the umbrella of 'Installation Art'. As artist Liam Gillick observes, the term 'installation art' describes 'a mode and type of production rather...

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12 Unbelievable Art Installations in the World

Amazing artists from around the world made incredible & strange art installations like the Rain Room or the Infinity Mirrored Room Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 6. The Falling...

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Best ART INSTALLATIONS: 20 optical illusions & modern art-projects

Modern art is different in its manifestations and is being influenced by things it has never been influenced before. The rapid development of technology has given modern artists the new tools...

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What Is Installation Art?

What Is Installation Art?. Part of the series: Modern Art History. Installation art refers to large-scale sculpture and mixed media that occupies the entire room and forces the viewers to interact...

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10 Examples of Great Art Installations

Futuring the works of Doris Salcedo, Michael Johansson, Ai Wei Wei, Damian Ortega and other artists.

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Tape Installation - Dimensionalizing the Hall at the Torrance Art Museum

Tape Art Installation by Darel Carey: Dimensionalizing the Hall at the Torrance Art Museum. Bending space with perception: Line sequences in varied configurations create an illusion of dimension....

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Best Video Installation Art at the Biennale in Santa Cruz Bolivia by SONIA FALCONE

Best Video Installation at the 2010 biennale in Santa Cruz Bolivia.

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[ Blooming } Paper Art Interactive Installation

Blooming } PaperArt Interactive Installation A paper art flower is created from moving parts, giving the illusion of the flower petals opening. This piece consists of paper flowers compiled...

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Akiko Yamashita \

'Portal' is an interactive light piece created by artist Akiko Yamashita in the Weller Court Plaza in Little Tokyo District of downtown Los Angeles. It is a highly acclaimed work that is celebrated...

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What is INSTALLATION ART? What does INSTALLATION ART mean? INSTALLATION ART meaning & explanation

What is INSTALLATION ART? What does INSTALLATION ART mean? INSTALLATION ART meaning - INSTALLATION ART definition - INSTALLATION ART explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under...

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Installation Art: Who Cares?

A film created in collaboration with a group of experts from 35 organizations; working together in the INCCA affiliated projects Inside Installations (2004-2007) and PRACTICs (2009-2011). These...

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Amazing Art Installation Turns You Into A Bird | Chris Milk \

Director Chris Milk is a pioneer of interactive experiences, whether they live on the web like The Wilderness Downtown and Rome: 3 Dreams of Black, or in real life like Arcade Fire's Coachella...

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This Legion Art Installation


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Public Interactive/Installation Art: No Losers

No Losers (2015) Digital Print, Scratch‐off Ink 2′ x 12′ \

finds a user from Taiwan on Apr 6, 2018
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#This #installation is so #amazing ! #Darel carey #Tape art installation @ #Blunt Kommunity


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Tape Art Installation by Darel Carey - Dimensionalizing the Foyer: Topographical Space

Darel Carey Dimensionalizing the Foyer (Topographical Space) 2017 Artist tape on walls and door Bending space with perception: Line sequences in varied configurations create an illusion of...

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Kinetic Rain Art Installation - World's Largest Kinetic Scupture


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Installation Art: Who Cares?

De conservering van hedendaagse beeldende kunst vormt een blijvende uitdaging voor musea. Kunstenaars maken multimediakunstwerken en installaties van vergankelijke materialen als was, rubber...

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Making-Of Contemporary Art Installations by Cao | Perrot Studio

Vietnamese-born landscape artist Andy Cao and French landscape designer Xavier Perrot of Cao | Perrot Studio, based in Los Angeles and Paris, are renowned for otherworldly artworks that blend...

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Abigail Anne Newbold | Installation Art (Documentary)

Abigail Anne Newbold is an installation artist and preparator living in Boston, MA. She lives in one of the most densely populated towns in America, and it's reflected in her work which deals...

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A Panorama of the Skies - Immersive Art Installation

A Panorama of the Skies is an audiovisual installation created in collaboration between Maja Petrić, an artist, and Hrvoje Benko, a human-computer interaction researcher at Microsoft Research....

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This magical art installation covers Downtown LA in silver streamers

The silver cloud, called Liquid Shard, is floating above Pershing Square. Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics made it out of silver streamers.

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Ways of Making Series: Installation Art

TWAG reporter Nikki Daily highlights Ways of Making Series at the Visual Arts Gallery, GSU with featured artist Barbra Hashimoto and Dana Major.

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DEEP WEB - kinetic audiovisual installation and performance


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Sound Forest - An art installation of communications with space

Organization: Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University Authors: Minori NAGASHIMA, Hideyuki NAKAZATO, Sho KAMURO, Kouta MINAMIZAWA, Susumu TACHI Website: tachilab.org/ Description: Sound...

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64 CUBES Art Installation.

An anamorphic cube made of 64 smaller transparent cubes which display illustrations on all 4 sides.

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Interactive Art Installation: UNM Arts Unexpected 2015

Student demonstrate their end of the year project for the University of New Mexico's Art's unexpected for the year 2015 Music: Lost in the Right Direction. by Coordinate X.

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Light Art Installation POINT OF VIEW

Light installation Point of View is the first installation ever that has been composed in such design and realised in a technical challenge like this one. This light installation consists...

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Linn Meyers Glass Art Installation in Arlington VA

A visual montage of the creation, design, fabrication and installation of artist Linn Meyers' glass installation in the conference rooms of the County offices of Arlington Virginia.

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Google Pittsburgh Installation by Artist Megan Mosholder || A String Installation Short Film in 4K

Music courtesy of Slow Magic - https://www.google.com/search?q=slow magic Learn more at https://Lander.Photo/Google \

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Seeds of Hope Art Installation Time Lapse

You are invited to participate in \

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Water in a Bubble installation art

Water in a Bubble installation art realized in the framework of the \

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Rainbow string art installations & plexus SERIES by Gabriel Dawe

Rainbow is a fascinating natural phenomenon, which has inspired many artists for their new creations. With years passing artists and designers have used new approaches to using rainbow color...

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GRA Goes Green 2017 Art Installation

Great River Arts in Little Falls hosts their annual GRA Goes Green art Exhibit. The public reception and Fashion Trashion Runway Show is Friday, April 21 2017 (7pm - 8pm).

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